These make for a nice and sightly luxuriant breakfast or brunch.

Although I only mention latkes in the title, it would also go well with hash browns, waffles, potato pancakes and maybe gnocchi as well.



Prepare the latkes (or whatever else it is that you're going to serve. There are some good latke recipies in the Potato Latkes node (suprisingly..)

Put some butter in a pan, throw in a handfull of chopped chives and a few pinches of Paprika.

Once the butter has melted and is hot add the diced smoked salmon and stir untill the salmon has changed to a slightly more pastel pink 'cooked' color.

Add the cream, you can use double or single cream depending on what consistency you wish the sauce to have. I used double and it was fairly thick, but damn nice.

Once the cream is heated through pour the sauce over the latkes.

EAT! ENJOY! The paprika gives the sauce a nice red color.

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