Megaman was leaping from rooftop to rooftop, sometimes smacking into gargoyles, but he apologized to them and swore that he’d come back to fix them later.

You see, Megaman was in a hurry because he was late for prom. He had promised Megagirl that he’d pick her up around six o’clock, and he was thirty minutes late. He figured that the traffic would be horrible, so that’s why he was flinging himself from the rooftops of the crowded megatropolis.

A car alarm sounded below!!

"Save us Megaman!" shouted the pedestrians.

Megaman flew down to the street and saw none other than DR. WILY!

[DR. WILY is a short, balding man. What hair he does have is pure white and flying off to the sides, giving him the hip mad scientist look. DR. WILY is lonely. He turns to a life of attempted world domination because he wants friends. Sometimes when DR. WILY is lonely he steals cars because he knows that MEGAMAN will show up to fight him.]

MEGAMAN: Stop it right there, Dr. Wily!

[DR. WILY turns around; he smiles.]

DR. WILY: Oh you’re smart, Megaman, but did you happen to think that maybe your giiiiirlfriend is more important than the fate of this car!?

[MEGAMAN puts his hand to his chin. His megaeyes begin to water with oil.]

DR. WILY: You must decide! Will you choose the love of your giiiiirlfriend or the love of the pedestrians!?

While the pedestrians gathered around, Megaman thought hard and long, and a whistle sounded.

do do doooooo do do do do doooooo do do dodooo

PROTOMAN: Megaman! You must go to Megagirl! I will take care of Dr. Wily!

And with that Megaman hopped on his jets and ran as fast as he could. When he arrived at the house of Megagirl he was stunned: her hair was done up all pretty and her dress was as red as a red rose. Megaman scooped her up in his mechanical arms and they rushed for the school's gymnasium.

Later that night, while Megagirl gave herself to Megaman, she accidentally screamed out DR. WILY!!! Megaman turned her to dust with his megablaster and went home to cry.

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