City on the South shore of Fleuve Saint-Laurent, right in front of Montréal city, founded in 1667 by Jesuites missionnaries.

Starting point of the first railroad in Canada (linking La Prairie to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the city now counts 19,483 citizens. For a long time, La Prairie has been a very important city for fur trade, wich explain that you cannot see anymore beavers around today.

Now, La Prairie has become a usual suburban city, and the main attraction in town is Le Pit de Sable or Pit à Langlois wich may or may not be a nudist camp.

Also the name of a spa in Switzerland featuring live cell therapy, a procedure whereby fetal cells taken from sheep and fertile eggs are injected into those seeking to prolong or regain their youth. While this isn't FDA-approved, and fraught with potential danger, it's fairly popular among a certain set with more money than sense, and works, at least psychosomatically.

In the last 20 years or so, La Prairie, finding their live-cell business on the wane, has started a line of cosmetics as well, with the flagship compound an encapsulated moisturizer called "Skin Caviar".

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