La Bambas is actually a chain of restaurants, with restarurants in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nebraska, according to the plastic cup that I got when I was there last. I've visited La Bambas in Columbus, Ohio and Indiana. The one in Indiana is on the Purdue campus, and I'm told by other members of the Oberlin Ultimate Frisbee team that the other La Bambas are on other college campuses(campi?). There is also one, not listed on the cup, on the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor campus. If you've ever been to one, you'd know why they appeal to college students, they give you a huge burrito(as big as your head!) for under $5.00 IIRC and are open (according to the cup) from 11 AM until after the bars close. They have a number of different options for what you can get on your burrito, chicken, beef, or bean, and you can get jalapenos, sour cream, refritos or just about anything else you want on the burrito. La Bambas offers other things to eat besides burritos, such as tacos and tortas. However, if you ever visit one, go for the burritos. They are big, cheap, and good, way better than McDonald's or other fast food. The burritos are very very large as well. They really do live up to the slogan "burritos as big as your head."

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