Kurukshethra is the place where the epic battle Mahabharatha was fought between Pandavas and Kauravas .
It is referred to as the holy land where the right and wrong are decided in the start of BhagavatGita:- one of the holy books of Hinduism.
It is a holy land for Hinduism because it was here that BhagavatGita was composed.

Kurukshethra is a Sanskrit or Samscritham word which means land of Kurus.
It was home to the legendary Bharatha dynasty- the Kurus that gave India the name Bharat.
It was also the place where Manusmrithi a religious book on ways to live was composed.

Kurukshetra is currently a district in Haryana a northern state of India. It includes Thanesuar the capital of Indian king Harshavardhana who ruled early in the 7th century A.D. he as one of the first kings to become an emperor of a large part of India.

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