Sleep is horrible and wonderful at the same time. If humans did not need to rest periodically the knowledge in their mind would be roughly 33% increased, the human race would become more productive, and there would be fewer rooms to a house.

Sleeping, on the other hand, can be wonderful when a person feels extreme exhaustion, but the horrible feeling of waking counter balances the ecstasy-like feeling sleep can cause.

Another reason I despise sleeping is the maintenance required by the action; preparing oneself for bed, making the bed, getting comfortable, and then making yourself fall asleep requires a copious amount of time. And that time, I feel, can become the most boring point of a human's life.

My final and most important reason for hating sleep is that most of us feel that we Need to sleep in order to function the next day. We feel that we need to get into bed and force our mind's to enter another state of consciousness that I feel our mind does not want to be in. Do you blame the mind?
Of course, the brain needs sleep in order to sort out the information obtained during the day, but my conscience would rather be sitting at the computer, reading, or just generally using the time to learn.

Supposedly, Leonardo Da Vinci would only sleep for ninety minutes per day. Developing a normalcy for this minimal sleep, eventually, his mind adjusted. Therefore, we can hypothesize that his lack of sleep could be the reason that made him one of the most brilliant men who has ever existed.

A recent study showed that the need to sleep is caused by Seratonin levels in the brain. This chemical is what makes a human feel tired. Although, we cannot take Seratonin in order to stay awake becauses memory loss occurs when the brain is deprived of sleep. But as studies progress, I believe that a "cure" to sleep may be realized for those of us who would want one.

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