A duophonic analog synthesizer with a 44-note keyboard. Can be viewed as two MiniKorgs as one unit. Released in 1976.

The MaxiKorg features two sections (upper/lower), both with 2 VCOs. VCO1 has a range of 2'-64' and is switchable between triangle, square, saw and pulse waveforms, with a "chorus" mode and a noise generator (pink on upper, white on lower). VCO2 only features the sawtooth waveform, has the range of 2'-32' and can be set to ring modulation.

Both high- and low-pass VCFs are available. They are resonant, but unfortunately the resonance can only be controlled by a 3-stage switch.
The VCA is strangely split into several sections and includes a "bender" function for interesting effects. 2 ADSR envelope generators are available.

Other features include 2 LFOs (one for the vibrato and one for applying a pulse to settings between the two sections), a ring modulator and the ability to stack all 4 VCOs into a thick monophonic sound.
No patch memory nor MIDI support is included.

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