Pronounced "Class-Key Chew-Po" and made up of Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo. Klasky Csupo is best known for providing a great deal of Nickelodeon's current original material. This includes the very popular Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys in addition to Rocket Power and AAHHH!!! Real Monsters. If you've seen a couple of their shows you should be pretty familiar with their animation style. It should then come as no surprise that they were behind the more adult, and shorter lasting, Duckman. Strangely enough, Klasky Csupo actually got started by producing several short animated sketches for The Tracy Ulman Show along with James L. Brooks' Gracie Films. They later also produced the first three seasons of the show that these shorts spawned, The Simpsons. Due to the success of the Rugrats movie, Klasky Csupo is the only company besides Disney to gross over $100 Million at the box office for animated features.

Rugrats was the first show to feature the Klasky Csupo animation style found in all their other shows. It's also, by far, the best of their shows done in this style. It was a fairly original idea and done very well.

The Wild Thornberrys has been wildly succesful among it's target audience. It revolves around a family travelling the world so the father can shoot nature films. Oh, and the star is Eliza, who can talk to animals. It features some of the most bizarre looking interpretations of animals that I have ever seen. I wasn't previously aware that Pandas have big pink lips.

I guess it's also worth noting that they Klasky Csupoed Ronald McDonald for a video promotion called The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald.

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