The X-files

Episode: 5X08
First aired:11/30/97
Written by: Vince Gilligan and Tim Minear
Directed by: Daniel Sackheim

An awesome episode featuring the return of Pusher.

We see Robert Modell, known as Pusher, in a penitentiary, working with a physical therapist. Modell later lures a young orderly into his cell and convinces the orderly to let him escape. The orderly is found later by another person and is obviously under Modell's control, saying that Modell simply had to go.

Mulder, Scully, and Skinner, brief an FBI group about Modell. Mulder explains that Modell is able to project his will onto others, forcing them to do themselves harm. This is obviously not taken all that seriously. Mulder and Scully go to visit the penitentiary and talk with the physical therapist who tells them that Modell was visited by a nun a few days before he escaped.

Modell, in physical trouble, goes to a sports store and eats many high protein bars. He calls Mulder from the store speaking long enough for the call to be traced. However, when Mulder and Scully reach to store, they find the owner wearing Modell's prison suit with Modell not to be found.

The man who prosecuted and convicted Modell is found dead in his home, with his body covered in cerulean blue paint. On the walls, in paint, is a Japanese symbol, which is translated to kitsunegari which means fox hunt (Mulder's first name is Fox). Mulder contacts the real estate agency where Linda Bowman works, the wife of the dead prosecutor. Two officers arrive at the scene and find Modell, however, he convinces one of them to take the other man in custody, leaving Modell to escape.

Mulder and Scully are unsure of Modell's interest in Linda and they meet with her, notifying her of her husband's death. They place her under protective custody in a safe house. Mulder heads back to the home of the prosecutor and finds Modell nearby. Mulder draws his weapon ordering Modell not to speak but Modell forces his will onto Mulder and escapes.

Mulder tells Scully that Modell told him not to play the game and tells her that he now doubts that Modell is the killer of the prosecutor. Scully now fears that Mulder is being influenced by Modell. Mulder however interviews Linda Bowman again. He notices that Linda is trying to clue him in, using phrases like "brush with greatness" and "paint him" possibly referring to her husband's murder. Mulder therefore concludes that it is Linda who is the killer. Skinner, who know believes Mulder is under Modell's influence, demands that he go home and takes Mulder's weapon and badge.

Mulder thinks that the nun that visited Modell in prison was actually Linda and he returns to talk with they physical therapist, hoping that she will identify Linda as the nun who visited. However, before the therapist can say anything, she gets a phone call from someone who wills her to commit suicide. Mulder calls Scully and tells her that it was Linda, not Modell.

Modell gets a police officer to transport him to the safe house where Linda is staying and finds her, obviously showing affection toward Linda. Skinner sees him and draws his weapon. Believing that Modell also has a gun, he fires at Modell, badly wounding him.

Mulder believes that Modell pretended to have a gun to save Linda but he cannot explain the connection between the two persons. Linda travels to the hospital, slipping by Mulder and others, willing others to see her as a nurse. She uses mind control to stop Modell's heart. Mulder later finds an index card dropped by Linda, and leading him to a commercial building.

Mulder goes to this building and finds Scully waiting for him. Scully claims Linda is inside and is controlling her against her will. Scully raises her weapon and points it at Mulder telling him she can't stop. Mulder yells for Linda to show herself but Scully points the gun at her own temple and fires, killing herself and falling to the floor.

Mulder yells and runs towards Scully, very much distressed. A few moments later, Linda walks toward him, a gun in her hand. Mulder grabs Scully's gun and aims at Linda. However Linda claims she is Scully and that the real Linda is standing behind him and controlling his mind. "Linda" aims her gun slightly to the left and fires. Mulder turns around and sees Linda's body behind him and not Scully's. He turns back around and sees the real Scully before him, alive. Linda is alive and is transported to a hospital. Later, Scully and Mulder learn that Modell and Linda were fraternal twins.

Important Quotes:
Scully -- "Mulder ... what if Modell plans to pick up where he left off? Where does that leave you? You were his prime target. Should you even be heading this investigation?"
Mulder -- "As opposed to what? What's your point?"
Scully -- "That it's exactly what he wants. That once again you're playing his game."

Female Agent -- "Well, the hand it's in is pretty sloppy, but I think it's supposed to be "kitsunegari" - "fox hunt"."
Scully -- "Fox hunt, Fox Mulder."
Mulder -- "That's a little on the nose, don't you think?"

Scully -- "How are you feeling?"
Mulder -- "Well, aside from the utter grinding humiliation that comes from knowing I let our suspect go, pretty good."

Mulder -- "I almost killed my partner."
Skinnder -- "Mulder, despite that, you prevailed. You won her game."
Mulder -- "Then how come I feel like I lost?"

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