A person who works in a hospital or health care setting. Depending on the setting their tasks may be diffrent. Here are some of the things I do as an Orderly:

Patient Transport: Bringing a Pt. from the ED to their floor and room. It is important to bring the patient to their room the exact way you find them. If the patient is connected to the wall O2, bring an O2 tank up. Ensure that all IV lines are properly functioning. Confirm with Nursing staff that a cardiac moniter is not needed. It is fundamental for the Ordely to know every floor and wing of the hospital.

Stocking Supplies: It is very important for the ED Orderly to be very adept at the stock system used by the ED. The Orderly must make sure that all the stock is full and ready for use. The Orderly must also be able to get any stock needed by Nurseing staff as fast as the Nurse can say what they want.

Steril Procedure: The Orderly must be able to make and maintain a steril enviroment useing printed department guidelines. They must know how to properly handel materials and maintain a steril feild. They must also stay and assist MD with steril procedure, if requested.

CPR: It is required for all Orerlies to know CPR. Not only incase of a cardiac arrest during patient transportation, but also for when a cardiac arrest (a "code") is brought to the ED. The Orderly starts and stops CPR compresions at the instruction of the MD. The Orderly only does compresions. Resperations are done by a Tech/Nurse from Respitory Therapy.

Security: The Orderly is the first line of security in an ED. For a known combative patient, the Orderly greets them at the door of the ambulance. For a patient who is in the ED that becomes a security problem, usually a "Code Color" will be announced over the PA. The Orderly is often the first person on scene to assist the nursing staff. Orderlys are trained in non-violent restraint tactics, and non-phisical ways to calm the patient down.

The high volume ED is dependant on Ordelies. They are vital assistants to the nursing staff. The Orderly has lots of on the job training and experience. They must be efficient and strong. They must be intelligent and able to handle unexpected situations. The Orderly is a dynamic and fundamental part of a health care team.

Or"der*ly, a.


Conformed to order; in order; regular; as, an orderly course or plan.



Observant of order, authority, or rule; hence, obedient; quiet; peaceable; not unruly; as, orderly children; an orderly community.


Performed in good or established order; well-regulated.

"An orderly . . . march."



Being on duty; keeping order; conveying orders.

"Aids-de-camp and orderly men."

Sir W. Scott.

Orderly book Mil., a book for every company, in which the general and regimental orders are recorded. -- Orderly officer, the officer of the day, or that officer of a corps or regiment whose turn it is to supervise for the day the arrangements for food, cleanliness, etc. Farrow. -- Orderly room. (a) The court of the commanding officer, where charges against the men of the regiment are tried. (b) The office of the commanding officer, usually in the barracks, whence orders emanate. Farrow. -- Orderly sergeant, the first sergeant of a company.


© Webster 1913.

Or"der*ly (?), adv.

According to due order; regularly; methodically; duly.

You are blunt; go to it orderly. Shak.


© Webster 1913.

Or"der*ly, n.; pl. Orderlies ().

1. Mil.

A noncommissioned officer or soldier who attends a superior officer to carry his orders, or to render other service.

Orderlies were appointed to watch the palace. Macaulay.


A street sweeper.




© Webster 1913.

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