40-year old nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee, and new member of the Survivor millionaires club as the winner of the Survivor: The Australian Outback challenge.

Most people had Colby Donaldson pegged as the winner but I always knew that the winner had to be a woman this time around...it's good for order and balance.

Actually, I've gained some respect for Mr. Donaldson...Tina would not have had the chance to win if he had played it like any typical greedy person and voted her off instead of Keith Famie. Whether he did that out of actual "love" for Tina or whether it was a truly boneheaded move on his part...well, I suppose he'll be the only one who truly knows.

Anyway, back to Tina Wesson. Registered nurses have made it a point to anyone who cared to listen that Mrs. Wesson is NOT one of them. Instead, she's a personal services nurse which means that she's not a licensed RN but really just one step above an orderly. She's married and has two kids (one daughter and one son). And she's pretty good-looking...I originally thought she was in her 50s or 60s and looked good for an old lady.

Tina says that with the $1 million, she'll pay off her house, her best friend's house, and put some money in some sort of trust fund for needy families. Time will tell...that leech, Richard Hatch, said the same thing last year but I haven't heard anything about it actually happening yet...but I must say that I'm quite persuaded by her intentions.

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