The fictional heroine of Sue Grafton's alphabetical mystery novels.

Born May 5, 1950 in Santa Teresa, California, Kinsey was taken in by her Aunt Gin after her parents were killed in a car accident when Kinsey was five. Despite being ill-equipped for motherhood, Gin passed along to Kinsey a strong sense of self-sufficency, as well as a taste for peanut butter-and-pickle sandwiches.

After graduating from high school, Kinsey became a police officer at the local department, but her independence and dislike of the bureaucracy caused her to quit after two years. She then studied to become a private investigator and worked for a detective agency before going freelance in her late twenties.

Kinsey has been married twice, with both relationships ending in divorce. She has an informal long-distance relationship with Robert Dietz, a fellow P.I. and her one-time bodyguard and has been known to have an occasional fling.

Kinsey lives in a studio apartment adjacent to the home of her landlord Henry, a retired baker who encourages her to test the crossword puzzles he creates in his spare time. Both of them frequent the nearby tavern run by Rosie, a Hungarian woman married to Henry's brother. Kinsey wakes up at 6:00am most mornings to run a couple of miles, and she is entirely uninterested in fashion, owning one all-purpose little black dress and giving herself haircuts with a pair of fingernail scissors.

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