The Kinness Fry Bar is a take-away fry bar located on the banks of the Kinnessburn in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland. It sells all manner of Scottish cuisine, including such favourites as the deep fried Mars bar and the Chocolate Pizza. Aside from these fine dishes, the KFB sells all manner of food and other essentials needed by drunken students of St. Andrews's fine University of St. Andrews. Here is a list of some of the delicacies and other night-time goodies served up by Pepe and Gio:

As you can probably tell from my write-up, the Kinness Fry Bar has been the solution to many nocturnal problems involving the acquisition of drink, smoke and food. All that remains to be told are the opening hours...

4pm to 1am Sunday to Thursday
4pm to 2am Friday and Saturday

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