A Mississippi band that formed in the mid-90s. The current members are Steve Cook (bass guitar), Dan Hannon (guitar and lead vocals), Tony Lymon (percussion), and Skeeto Valdez (drums).

Their sound is a fairly typical college rock, and similar to other Southern rock bands like Dave Matthews Band. One twist in their bag of originality is Tony Lymon's percussion, on all manner of instruments (steel drum, congas, various bells, etc). The music is smooth and not overproduced (yet).

King Kinga is not very well-known (at the time of this writing), but they have appeared onstage at Woodstock '99. Encouraging the sharing of their live music over Napster, and attempting to maintain relations with their fans as they grow has been part of their success. They maintain a network of street teams, to hype upcoming performances and to drum up interest.

Important songs include Dancing Girls, Halo and Something Good.


Something Good album
Halo EP
personal interviews with Dan, Tony, Steve, and Skeeto

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