There is a Brazilian artist and jewellery designer, living in London, England named Kim Poor. She is outside the scope of this writeup.

Although it is possible his name is not well known, Kim Poor is one of the world's finest space artists. Born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1952, but now living in Tuscon, he has a wealth of inspiration from the 25 observatories in the area surrounding his home. He draws from the knowledge of the local astronomers and his own research.

His work combines a fantastic style while retaining realism - we're not in the realm of science fiction here; more in the territory of vivid artist's impressions of science fact. His use of colour and perspective leads to very individual work for which he has won many awards.

As well as producing art for display, he has also been commissioned for many publications, including Sky & Telescope, Astronomy and Science Digest. He has also worked on backdrop and props for TV and film - including Star Trek and Babylon 5.

In 1986, Poor formally co-founded the International Association of Astronomical Artists, which he had been building up since 1983. He was also the first president of the association until 1988 when a Canadian took over as international president.

One major achievement of Poor's was leading a delegation of American artists to the USSR where, in 1987, they put on a display of their art in Moscow to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sputnik satellite. Bear in mind this was at the very start of Gorbachev's glasnost so it is clear how important it was.

At the time of writing, he lives with his wife, Sally, his daughter and son, Kelsey and Nathan.


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