Kiara is the lion cub that we saw at the end in The Lion King, and the lead character in the sequel, The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. In personality, Kiara is very much like Simba when he was young, and it's pretty as Nala, but she has a little more of a spoiled brat. Probably because she's the only cub of the pride (like the movie show us) and also the princess. Kiara wan to live by her own, and don't be so overprotected by her father (she's always escaping from her babysitters Timon and Pumbaa She falls in love with Kovu almoust since the first time she met him, and it's cute to see the development of the reliationship. At the end, she made everybody see the meaning of "we are one", and united the pridelanders and outlanders. It's a cute end.

It's not that cute see the development of the character of Kiara. She is not that strong and convincing as was her father and mother in the original, but, okay, it's a sequel. I'm not saying that Kiara it's a bad character, but she have a great lack of strength, the strength that a character needs to be beliavable. Even Kovu has more strength.

Well, what can I say, she's the heroine of the movie, but definitely not the best of the Disney's sequels.

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