Kovu is one of the main characters of the Disney's sequel "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride".

At the beginning Kovu is introduced to us as the adopted son of Scar and Zira, and for some reason (not explained) Scar chose him to be his heir, above his eldest and true son, Nuka. In some cut scenes we can see a little of the familiar life of him with his mother, his brother and his sister Vitani. Later he meets Kiara, and they would be childhood friends, but the interference between their respectives prides cannot allow that. As Scar's heir, Kovu must be trained to to hate and kill Simba, and then get over the trone. And so, Zira decides to use the incipient sympathy between himself and Simba's daughter.

So, thet meet again, now as young adults, and, like it's said in the premise, they both fall in love. It's here when we can see it that Kovu it isn't bad at all. He just has some bad mood swings, and he just did what they told him to do. But he suffers the consequences of Zira's plot. Either way, everything resolves and he and Kiara can live happily ever after.

The character of Kovu is somewhat ambiguous, never well defined in which side he is on, until the end. Kovu is not bad, so, the conflict it's not really believable. But Kovu has enough charisma to be likeable, even more than Kiara, who is the lead character.

Well, if there's going to be a next Lion King, it wouldn't bother me that would be Kovu.

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