United States | Wisconsin | Kewaunee County

County in northeast Wisconsin along the Lake Michigan shore, bordering Door County to the north, Manitowoc County to the south, and Brown County to the west. It also has a few miles of shore on the Bay of Green Bay in the northwest corner of the county.

Kewaunee County is a predominantly rural county, engaging in dairy agriculture. The county seat is Kewaunee, and other major communities in the county include Luxemburg, Casco, and Algoma.

Population (1999): 19,966
Area: 342.7 sq. mi.
Formed: 1852, out of Manitowoc County

My sister used to live in Kewaunee county. She once told me that Kewaunee is a native american word that means "lost in the fog", but according to the Wisconsin Counties Assoc. webpage, it means either "prarie chicken" or "the way across a point of land".

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