Kenora is a city, with a population of 17000, in Ontario, Canada, near to the provincial border of Manitoba. It is part of the "Lake of the Woods" region. The current mayor of Kenora is David Canfield.

It benefited greatly from the fur trade, and the railway, and was established on the industries of mining, forestry and fishing.

Kenora was incorporated by Manitoba in 1882 as Rat Portage, and in 1892, the provincial border changed, and the town again became part of Ontario.

Perhaps because nobody wants to come from a city called "Rat Portage", in 1905 the town was renamed, assimilating the land and parts of the names of KEewatin, NOrman, and RAt Portage; thusly KENORA.

Most of the employment in Kenora is in pulp processing, government and railway services, and tourism. There is one Community College, and two libraries, three indoor arenas, a pool, and two 18-hole golf courses in Kenora.

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