Also Kano, Kaon, Cen or Kaun.

Fire and Openings

This is the rune of opening up, of renewed clarity, of dispelling the darkness that has been shrouding some parts of you life. Kenaz is the rune for seriousness, concentration, clarity, purity, and understanding. Kenaz offers protection in the form of light. In relationships there can now be a mutual opening up. You need to recognize your inner balance. On one hand you are weak, limited, and dependent, but on the other hand are your strengths, horizons and inhibitions. This is an equal balance that keeps you harmonized. Be sure not to lose this balance. For so long you have been operating in the dark, now there is light, you need to use it to your advantage.

Reversed- Expect a darkness to overcome a situation or relationship. A partnership of some kind may be dying. When you receive this rune you are put on notice that failure is breathing down your neck. Whether it be the failure of a project, relationship, or job, some kind of failure is taking form. This rune calls for giving up. Be prepared to live with an empty feeling for some time, but while you have this feeling you must develop an inner stability. Do not go back to the old ways, push forward, and allow the new ways to take form.

Kenaz corresponds to:
  • the letters C and K
  • a torch, the hearth or a pyre
  • the Pine tree
  • the goddess Freyja, the gods Wieland and Loki, the dwarves
  • the colour light red
  • the Chariot card in Tarot

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