Also Raidho, Rad, Rit and Reidh.

Journeys, Communication, Union and Reunion.

This rune is concerned with communication, with the attunement to someone or something, and the ultimate reunion that comes at the end of a journey. When this rune enters your spread, be prepared for a reunion, be it with a person, an aspect of your life, or an emotion you thought was lost. You must examine your inner worth now. Do you live up to your own potential? Is your potential set to high? The journey you now need to embark on is the journey of self-healing and self-change. You must discover what needs to heal and change in your life before you can be happy. Trust yourself and you intuitions, and continue to cut away all illusions. Stand away from others of a like mind for a while, concentrate on the people you don't always agree with. They will teach you the things you need to know.

Reversed- When you receive this rune reversed you need to be especially aware of personal relationships. Effort to keep relationships intact may rely souly on you. Keep you good humor, whatever happens, how you decide to respond must be taken deeply into consideration. The requirements of your process may totally disrupt what you had intended. Hoped-for outcomes may elude you. And yet what you may see as detours, inconveniences, disruptions, blockages, set backs, and failures will actually be rerouted opportunities.

Raido corresponds to:
  • the letter R
  • long journeys and the chariot or wagon
  • the Oak tree
  • the god Forseti
  • the colour bright red
  • the Hierophant card in Tarot
  • Sagittarius

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