Also Gifu, Gyfu, Gipt or Gift.


This rune indicates that a union or partnership in some form is at hand. You need to be sure not to let go or collapse yourself into this union, it is a good thing. This can apply to love, friendship, business or the partnering of any kind. This rune has no reverse.

  • the letter G
  • blessings, gifts, hospitality and generosity
  • the Ash and Elm trees
  • the god Odin, the goddess Freyja
  • the Lovers card
  • the colour deep blue
  • Pisces

Also Gifu, or Geofu.

Give and take is an exchange of forces. This exchange is an essential part of successful relationships There is a balance in true giving and receiving. The things we do in life have a way of coming to an equilibrium, and some of the wisdom is understood in coming to terms with this, and making adjustments accordingly. This rune often represents love, the union of marriage and very often can represent the ultimate gift that comes from that, a new life.

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