A nifty little personal computer, now obsolete. Our Kaypro II had a keyboard that snapped onto the all-in-one motherboard/monochrome monitor and had a handle on top. This guy I know lugged his all over the Australian Outback. They were quite rugged. It took a 5 1/4 floppy and had no hard drive. It ran CP/M and Basic, and you could play Adventure/Colossal Cave, Hunt the Wumpus, and so on, in lovely green ASCII graphics. It also ran WordStar, a kick-ass word processor for its time, which, by the way, was 1982.

Kaypro product line, circa 1984: Later Kaypro came out with the Kaypro 16 which was IBM compatible and a few other desktops. They probably stopped in the early '90s, but have recently reformed selling run-of-the-mill PC compatibles.

My Kaypro II that I wrote all of my high school term papers on still is in my basement. Should fire it up someday.

First seen at the Las Vegas Comdex in 1984, the Kaypro Robie was supposed to be a desktop computer - the only non-portable machine by Kaypro. Like other machines from that manufacturer, it ran CP/M on a Z80 processor. It had a monochrome screen, and ran at 4.77 MHz. The jet black Robie came with a five-megabyte hard disk, two 5.x5" disk drives, and a 300bps modem.


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