A taxi company you can buy in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Probably named in honour of the comedian Andy Kaufman who starred in the sitcom "Taxi", until shortly before his death in 1984. Vice City is of course set in the Eighties.


There are three missions to complete before you can collect revenue from this asset. All of them involve Kaufman Cabs' archrivals, VC Cabs. (Not D.C. Cab.)

1. Pick up a passenger for the airport, or more truthfully, ram the VC taxi driver that got there first, and then steal back the passenger.

2. Disable 3 VC Cabs around the city. Easy drive-by shooting.

3. Pick up a fare by 8-Ball's bomb shop - claims to be Mercedes, but its actually a trap laid by VC Cabs. Swing by the Hooker Hotel first and grab the rocket launcher in the pool. When you enter the lot, the gate closes. Eight cabs try to ram you, very reminiscent of Bloodring Bowl night down at the stadium. Keep out of the way and let them hit each other, and add a few bullets to keep the action hot. When the last cab explodes, the Boss in his Zebra Cab will be gunning for you. Hop out and give him an early retirement with the rocket launcher.

The "Zebra" Cab from the last mission is now yours and will spawn at Kaufman Cabs. It doesn't drive any better but it's stylin'.


- The cutscene when you first purchase the building introduces the dispatcher, a crotchety old lady. Whenever you drive a Kaufman Cab, you'll hear dispatch conversations on the radio. They're pretty funny.

- Since Kaufman Cabs is located in Little Haiti, it's slightly easier to complete this asset before the Haitian gang warfare becomes a threat to your health. (And flamethrowers are not recognised by the police as a basic self-defense gun.)

- And you might already know that after 100 total taxi missions, all taxis get hydraulics that can launch you ten feet in the air.

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