This is the main parade street ("Gate" means "street" in Norwegian) in Oslo, Norway. It streches from the main railway station all the way up to the royal palace. The street is partly closed off for cars, and used as a shopping street. The further you get away from the railway station and toward the palace, the more posh the shops become. En route to the palace, you pass the Norwegian parliament, the Storting. You also pass Spikersuppa (Lit. "The nail-soup", nail as in hammer and nail.) an art park, and the original buildings of the University of Oslo.

Each year on the constitution day, the 17th of may, thousands and thousands of kids fill the streen in a huge parade towards the palace, where they are greeted by the royal family. A must-see if you're in Norway around that time.

The street is named after King Karl Johan of Sweden / Norway when there was an union between the two countries.

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