K.K. Slider (also known by his infinitely-cooler Japanese name, Totakeke) is a guitar-playing, anthropomorphic dog from the Animal Crossing series. His main purpose is to hang around every Saturday night and sing you a song, and then give you a copy of the song to play in your own home.

His singing voice consists of noises that sound kind of like "wee wow wee ohh", and a few howls... and whistles. In the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing, and the N64 game Animal Forest (only released in Japan), he hangs around the train station on Saturday night, and while he sings the song, the credits scroll in the background and various weather effects happen around the two of you while the camera pans around. This changes in the Animal Crossing: Wild World version, where he hangs around in the coffee shop.

Of course, since it's inside, none of the weather effects happen.

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