Mr.Resetti is a character from the 2002 Nintendo Gamecube game, Animal Crossing. He is something of a secret character that does not appear normally. To meet this overall-clad, pickaxe-swinging mole, all you must do is press the reset button on the Gamecube during the game.

Animal Crossing is a real-time game that is meant to simulate real life. This means resetting the game because of an unsatisfactory turn of events is frowned upon. You may think you are safe as the title screen slides into view, but as soon as the gameplay starts up, POP! Mr. Resetti erupts from the earth like a rodent Mt. Vesuvius. He will holler in fury for a minute or so, berating you on the immoralities of resetting a virtual world. Occasionally, he will force you to recite phrases such as "Moles rule", or "Resetting is bad".

The critter will retreat into his hole once satisfied, and no real harm will have befallen you. His sole purpose is to make sure that the player accepts resetting as wrong. This is definately an experience every Animal Crossing player should experience occasionally, mostly because there are eight different speeches he will go through.

Mr. Resetti also appears in the trophy menu of an earlier Nintendo Gamecube game: Super Smash Brothers Melee. It is awarded when you defeat more than 5 Fighting Wire Frames in the Cruel Melee mode, which is not an easy task.

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