Krzyzewskiville, the tent city, named after men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and located in front of Cameron Indoor Stadium, that students at Duke University create and live in for weeks at a time to get tickets to men's basketball games. The tickets are free, but of limited quantity, so Cameron Crazies tent to get good seats to watch the Blue Devils whoop some ass. The home game against UNC-Chapel Hill's Tar Heels (known as the Carolina game) draws the most tenters, because we like to kick their powder-blue asses the most.

The tenting policy ( has changed several times in recent years, but here's how it works in general:
  • Get together nine of your friends and some kind of tent-like structure. (The Shanty was likely the last of the freestanding wooden K-ville "tents" -- they aren't allowed any more. *sniff*)
  • Register your tent at the appointed time, giving a list of all the tent's inhabitants. Your tent gets assigned a number by the line monitors. Lower numbers get higher priority.
  • Once tenting period starts (now limited to 10 days before each designated tenting game), the tent must be occupied by at least one member of the tent 24 hours a day.
  • 48 hours before the game, a round of personal checks are made by the line monitors. Every tenter who wants into the game has to be present in K-ville for 3 of 5 personal checks, called at random times (usually when it's late and cold and wet). 48 hours is usually a massive party.
  • If your tent misses two checks, it gets bumped to the end of the order. It sucks to get bumped.
  • Sometime before 1.5 hours before the game, the line monitors hand out a bracelet to each tenter, with their tent number written on it. Tenters line up and are let loose into the stadium an hour and a half before the game, by now ready with plenty of witty cheers and a burning desire to ruin the other team's game.

For the 1999-2000 season, a new policy to appease the hard-core tenters was introduced. Under this policy, once ten tents were erected in K-ville, a pre-tenting season of sorts started, during which one person had to be present from 7am to 10pm every day, and 7 of 10 people had to be in the tent from 10pm to 7am. Strictly for superfans, masochists, and many of my friends.

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