Ten"ter (?), n.


One who takes care of, or tends, machines in a factory; a kind of assistant foreman.

2. Mach.

A kind of governor.


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Ten"ter, n. [OE. tenture, tentoure, OF. tenture a stretching, spreading, F. tenture hangings, tapestry, from L. tendere, tentum, to stretch. See Tend to move.]

A machine or frame for stretching cloth by means of hooks, called tenter-hooks, so that it may dry even and square.

Tenter ground, a place where tenters are erected. -- Tenter-hook, a sharp, hooked nail used for fastening cloth on a tenter. -- To be on the tenters, ∨ on the tenter-hooks, to be on the stretch; to be in distress, uneasiness, or suspense. Hudibras.


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Ten"ter, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Tentered (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Tentering.]

To admit extension.

Woolen cloth will tenter, linen scarcely. Bacon.


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Ten"ter, v. t.

To hang or stretch on, or as on, tenters.


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