This is a phenomenon that I'm sure most of you are aware of. There are always people posting in usenet that seem to think that you don't need any sort of punctuation or capitialization at any point during their post.

For example

good point gavin if u want sumfin with a bit of pace and ur considering turbo i wouldnt have gone for the 89 civic if ur after a quick cheap hatch back consider the et pulsar or cordia better yet get a rotary for 3800$ i got a s1 rx7 with a 13b 48mm uda weber 2.5in mandrel exhaust while the body is imacluate with 15 in rims... i got 113kw at the wheels, which is around twice a factory civic... but it all comes down to personal tastes..
This example was taken from the newsgroup and then modified slightly for my example.
The paragraph above in incredibly difficult to read or understand (especially if you have no idea what a uda weber (spelt wrong) or what mandrell bent etc is). I don't know why people think this is an acceptable way to present information to people. After reading things like this I usually don't want to offer my opinion or advice, but flame them for being an idiot instead.

I often wonder about people that write like this. Do they talk like this too? Just one big sentence... "Hey how are you doing today nice weather we are having today pity about how it was yesterday what are you doing tonight...". Would they write a normal letter like this? I doubt it. So why inflict this sort of rubbish on the rest of the world. It really pisses me off....

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