OK, let me set the scene a little here...

It was my 1st year in University, and my friends and I stayed in the Halls of Residence (Pollock Halls of Residence, University of Edinburgh, Scotland). It was quite late at night, and late February I think. We were pretty bored, so we decided to visit a friend (who as always, shall remain nameless). This particular friend was kinda notorious for being a pothead, and anyways, I was in the mood for a little dope.

We got to his room (which was in a different building), and he skinned up in his room, whilst gibbering on about his latest exploits trying to obtain the half-ounce he was using at the time. Two other friends - Pete and Rory - had pot-coffee instead - they didn't smoke, and didn't want to which we all respected (me more than most, being a normal smoker anyway).

The latest place we frequented to smoke dope was behind a "grassy knoll" if you will, which was next to the boundaries of the grounds. It was pretty well hidden, in amongst quite a few trees, but it being winter (in Scotland too) we were quite visible from round the sides of the knoll.

Our halls of residence were situated next to a big hill known as "Arthur's Seat" in Edinburgh (Arthur's Seat is quite a common place for people to smoke dope - it's easily accessible, yet it's just a big hill with quite a lot of foliage - and good views).

So there we were, smoking 2 joints, which were being passed round about 3 or 4 of us (Pete and Rory not included, but were still present). I was a bit paranoid, but I'm always like that - I'm always scared of getting caught. Suddenly, a fair distance away, a torch light appears. I get suspicious, and tell everyone.

The torch light gets closer...
and closer...
and closer...

and then we fucking RUN for it.

We all dash round the other side of the knoll - through trees, gorse, spiky bushes, and get out the other side. The guy who rolled the joints and his friend hid behind a small wall, in a ditch. I figured this was not enough space for us all to hide in, so Pete, Rory, Brian and I run for a bit more, before slowing to walking speed. We were trying to figure out alibis, in case of being approached by security guards. We figured we would say we were just trying to find the gate through to Arthur's Seat (we heard a rumour there was some kind of gate in the wall).

A security guard approaches us, and figures immediately that it was us the other guard saw. We hear on his radio another guard saying something about people spotted round the side, trying to jump over the fence, and one of them wearing a white jacket. My eyes are immediately drawn to Rory, who has a white jacket on (D'oh).

"Alright, lads... were you trying to jump the fence?"

A look of immense puzzlement crosses all our eyes (you could just about see it through the dilated pupils ;-).

The guard repeats the question.

Rory (who we all blamed afterwards, for getting us spotted) spouts our pre-determined alibi, after which the guard just asks to see our ID, and lets us go, asking us again - making sure we weren't "Trying to jump the fence".

After that, we all just went back to our rooms, looking quite bewildered - were they trying to stop people getting in? (most people use the gate at the front - they never ID people there) Or were they trying to stop people getting out? (ditto). The mind boggles...

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