"Baby You're A Rich Fag Jew"
John Lennon supposedly sang these lyrics in the original chorus to "Baby You're A Rich Man" from Magical Mystery Tour as a jab at the Beatles' openly gay Jewish manager, Brian Epstein. Epstein is rumored to have at one point early in the Beatles' career to have taken John on holiday in Spain where he reportedly asked John for sexual favors.

"Commonwealth"/"Get Off"/"White Power"/"Enoch Powell"/"No Pakistanis" (Working titles of "Get Back")
Introduced, at least on the Capitol mix, by John's preface "Sweet Loretta Fart she thought she was a cleaner, but she was a frying pan".
This song appeared at one of the early Get Back sessions, and consisted of nothing more than a couple of loose jams. But a few days later Paul came up with some words based on Enoch Powell's famous 'Rivers of Blood' speech, and it became known as 'The Commonwealth Song'. Powell had recently caused an uproar in the press by claiming that Britain would be running in a “river of blood”, if the current immigration levels were allowed to continue. This promptly got him demoted from his post, and booted out of the Tory Shadow Cabinet. There's a notorious bootleg going round with Paul's original lyrics, where he sings: “I don't dig no Pakistanis taking all the people's jobs”, and urging them to “get back” to where they came from. But Paul became worried that his satire would be taken the wrong way, and toned it down to: “Too many Pakistanis living in a council flat.” But in the end the only words to make it to the final take were the ones in the chorus. John later claimed that every time Paul sang the line “Get back to where you once belonged”, he'd look menacingly at Yoko.

For You Blue
Introduced with John saying "Queen says 'No' to pot smoking FBI members".

Hey Jude
(Beatles biographer)Mark Lewisohn's reference to an "undeleted expletive" : As Paul sings "Remember to let her under your skin", you get

    Paul: "skin....."
    John: "Got the Wrong Choooorrd...."
    Paul: "Then You......Be......Gi - In.."
    John: ".........Fucking Hell!....."

Sexy Sadie/ Maharishi
Many people have heard that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi let the Beatles down by flirting with Mia Farrow's sister Prudence ("Dear Prudence"). These accusations led both John Lennon and George Harrison to dismiss the Maharishi as a fake. It was at this point that John Lennon wrote the song "Sexy Sadie." According to George Harrison, John originally called the song, "Maharishi, Maharishi What Have You Done." But George convinced John to change the title to "Sexy Sadie, what have you done." In Paul McCartney's biography, called "Many Years from Now" Paul says that a Greek character named "Magic Alex" was accepted as by John as "The Beatles' Guru." But after the Beatles met the Maharishi, Alex felt somewhat threatened. When the Beatles went with the Maharishi to India, Alex, burning with envy went there and began trying to separate Maharishi from the Beatles. It was Alex's accusations and conspiratorial activities that supposedly turned the Beatles against the Maharishi. Alex was later exposed as a fraud. In Paul's own words,"It turned out that Alex had a subscription to Scientific American and we didn't, so he was able to wow us with common knowledge." His scam was exposed when the studio he built for the Beatles didn't work and they were forced to rebuild it from scratch.

Got To Get You Into My Life
This was widely rumoured at the time to be about Paul's first experience of LSD. But unfortunately for all you druggie-theorists, Paul didn't take his first trip for another couple of months, and it was actually about another drug altogether - cannabis. Paul explained: “It was an ode to pot, like someone else might write an ode to chocolate or a good claret.”

Good Day Sunshine
Someone (John? Ringo?) repeats "she feels good." This appears to trigger something closely approximating a chuckle from Paul in the next line. Listening closely on the CD, it sounds like Ringo saying "She fucking does".

Strawberry Fields Forever
John mutters the famous "Cranberry Sauce" twice, followed by "My mother made it for me." Paul is dead fanatics insist that what John really says is "I Buried Paul," but that somehow doesn't go with "My mother made it for me." Note that "My mother..." cannot be heard on any released version. The song fades out in all cases before the end of the second "Cranberry Sauce" The German release of Magical Mystery Tour fades out later than other releases (and so, therefore, does the CD), but still too soon to hear the "My mother... statement.

I've Got A Feeling
I've Got A Feeling - Some discussions have arisen over whether John says "Oh yeah (with a laugh in the middle of the phrase)" or "Fuck yeah!".


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