Yesterday was an important day in my recovery from bariatric surgery. My surgeon, when I went to see her for a checkup on Friday, told me that I was now perfectly fine to drink alcohol, so long as it wasn't carbonated. This, plus solid food, meant it was time to go out for a decent dinner and see whether it was possible. I was a bit nervous because of the problems I'd had with a turkey burger the week before, but two friends and I went to a Morton's Steakhouse anyway, exactly two months since my surgery date.

The long and the short of it - managing not to eat any of the fresh, hot onion bread was really difficult. I had one bite, with butter, and then no more. That was the first bread I'd had (other than a literal crumb a couple weeks ago to sample a turkish bread) since the pre-surgery diet started.

I had two bacon-wrapped scallops and a 6-oz filet mignon, medium rare. More importantly, with said meal I had a Woodford bourbon on the rocks.

Everything went well. I managed to eat slowly, assisted by the fact that they made a mistake with one of my friends' orders and took 7 minutes to replace it. Oh, I had one grilled shrimp as well. At the end of the meal, I'd eaten the steak (probably 4 oz cooked), the shrimp, the two scallops, the bourbon, and one-half forkful of mashed potatoes.

I was not uncomfortable. That took over an hour.

Later that evening, we went out for italian ices.

This morning, I got on the scale and found I'd lost some more weight, as seems to happen when I eat solid food.

Weight: 272.3

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