There were a lot of things flying around my head tonight. I generally don't like dreaming, but figured I might as well get some stuff down for posterity.

My first dream involved something to do with 4chan being back up. It's currently (in real life) being DDoS'd. I generally don't care too much about 4chan itself, but miss some of the other chan sites that can't afford to go up while it's down (they'd get flooded with people complaining about it). The sites I was interested in were back up too, but I remember there was something wrong with them. Not much else comes to mind regarding this dream.

The second, more memorable, involved some sort of journey I was making to my sister's (half-sister who is 22 years older than me) house in Windsor. I got there by somehow finding a way to travel through the minds of people and quickly leaping from Toronto down south in about 2 jumps, each with their own choice of crossroads. When I was there, I entered the bedroom through a hole in the ceiling, but dropped a blue folder containing various sheets of paper, which made it's way behind the dresser. No one was alarmed by my entry, somehow. I mused to my sister that on the journey it probably just looked to everyone else like I was just walking, babbling and clearly on drugs. She sort of laughed. I said that I had gone to see Cat Power (actually the music I'd been listening to before I went to bed, which is why it was in any way significant) on the way, noting that it was the second time I'd done it en route to her house.

I haven't been to a major concert in real life yet. All of them are 19+ because alcohol is so profitable.

The reason I don't like dreaming is that I always wake up and feel either incredibly depressed or really frustrated. Today, I just sort of woke up.

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