Julian Cope, variously known as "Saint Julian", "The Twat from Tamworth", and I'm sure many other things, has taken British eccentricity to new levels.

He was a member of The Teardrop Explodes in the seventies, but now works solo, having a catalogue of albums such as "Peggy Suicide", "Autogeddon", "Jehovakill" and "World Shut Your Mouth".

Slim often plays the JC's song "Robert Mitchum" at parties

Solo Releases by Julian Cope

World Shut Your Mouth (LP, 1984)
  Sunshine Playroom (EP, 1983)
  The Greatness & Perfection of Love (EP, 1984)

Fried (LP, 1984)
  Sunspots (EP, 1984)

Saint Julian (LP, 1987)
  World Shut Your Mouth (EP, 1986)
  Trampolene (EP, 1987)
  Eve's Volcano (EP, 1987)

My Nation Underground (LP, 1988)
  Charlotte Anne (EP, 1998)
  5 O'Clock World (EP, 1998)
  China Doll (EP, 1989)

Skellington (LP, 1990)

Droolian (LP, 1990)

Peggy Suicide (LP, 1991 CE)
  Beautiful Love (EP, 1991 CE)
  Safesurfer (Ltd. EP, 1991 CE)
  East Easy Rider (EP, 1991 CE)
  Head (EP, 1991 CE)

Floored Genius (LP, 1992 CE)
  World Shut Your Mouth (EP, 1992 CE)

Jehovahkill (LP, 1992 CE)
  Fear Loves This Place (EP, 1992 CE)

Rite (LP, 1993 CE)

Ye Skellington Chronicles (LP, 1993 CE)

Floored Genius 2 (LP, 1993 CE)

Autogeddon (LP, 1994 CE)
  Paranormal in the West Country (EP, 1994 CE)

20 Mothers (LP, 1995 CE)
  Try Try Try (EP, 1995 CE)

Interpreter (LP, 1996 CE)
  I Come From Another Planet, Baby (EP, 1996 CE)
  Planetary Sit-In (EP, 1996 CE)

Rite 2 (LP, 1997 CE)

Propheteering (EP, 1997 CE)

The Followers of Saint Julian (LP, 1997 CE)

Leper Skin: An Introduction to Julian Cope (LP, 1999 CE)

Odin (LP, 1999 CE)

Floored Genius 3 (LP, 2000 CE)

Queen Elizabeth (LP, 1994 CE)

QE2: Elizabeth Vagina (LP, 1997 CE)

plus, the releases with The Teardrop Explodes

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