Colin zipped his suitcase up completely. It was a tight fit, but his week's worth of clothes were secure.

Leah stood over his shoulder, watching his every move.

"You know I can call one of my drivers to bring you to the airport, Colin." Leah said.

Colin waved his hand in front of him at Leah.

"No, that's fine. I have a cab waiting outside." Colin said.
"That's a waste of money. I'm calling a driver." Leah said.

Leah pulled out her phone, a brand new Arcast Exceed smartphone, nearly fresh from the factory.

Colin sighed.

"Fine, Leah. Go ahead."
"Thank you."

While Leah was on the phone, Colin finished packing a duffel bag with assorted items; mostly things that wouldn't fit in his main suitcase.

"Alright. You're good." Leah said, placing her phone in her shirt pocket.
"Good to hear." Colin said.
"It's a shame you aren't staying for the Arcast Exceed launch party." Leah said.

Colin sighed again.

"I went through hell this morning. I wasn't even supposed to be at work today. Hence why I'm packing for my vacation in my office. It's a damn fine office, but at its core, it's still an office, which is the last place I should be packing my bags."

"Very true. I'm sorry for that, but I'm grateful that you came through for us, Colin."
"Whatever I can do to make Arcast Tech better, I'm all for it."

Colin slammed his suitcase and duffel bag on the ground.

"Except right now. Now, I have a flight to catch."

Leah laughed.

"Of course. We'll miss you at the launch party, though."
"I'm not exactly the party kind of guy, Leah."
"Are you kidding? You made last New Year's Eve the best one I've ever had."
"That was an exception."
"Whatever you say, Colin."
"I'm exhausted. I'd look miserable if I showed up. All those bright, lovely faces. Then, me. "

Colin picked up his luggage and began walking towards his office door. Leah held it open for him.

"See you on the 25th?" Leah asked.
"27th. Flight was cheaper. I didn't want to waste the vacation hours, but I doubt I'll be able to take another break this year." Colin replied as he passed Leah and through the door.

"Even if you don't think so, our celebration tonight will be a little less bright without you, Colin."

Colin made his way to the elevator near his office, and pressed the 'down' button. The doors opened immediately.

"Take solace in the fact that I'm going to be recovering from the hell on Earth that I've been a part of recently. It'll be a nice respite. And then I'll be back to work, better than ever. Hopefully."

Colin entered the elevator and turned to face the doorway. Leah stood there and gave him a wave and a smile as the elevator doors slowly closed.

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