A brand of cigarette, which I (until only minutes ago) thought seemingly only available in Britain, but I'm told they are also available in Canada, and likely many other places as well.

Manufactured by the same company that makes Richmond cigarettes, JPS seem to be less widely smoked; possibly in part due to the fact that they are less widely available than more common brands, such as Lambert and Butler.

I have never met another person who smokes them, whereas Richmond are widely smoked by underage smokers and other people with not so much money, as they are known for their cheapness.

John Player and Sons are based in Nottingham, UK.

JPS come in a stylish black box, which up until the recently implemented cigarette warning labels looked more refined than your average cigarette box (or is it just in my imagination?) - a gentlemans cigarette.

The statistics shown on the box tell of the tar, nicotene and carbon monoxide levels being 10mg, 0.9mg and 10mg respectively.

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