Synonomys with average Joe, Joe Bloggs is just that random guy. He has a whole family, the Bloggs family. They are test information in a lot of student programs. I believe that the writers of some SAT books also use the Bloggs family. See the jargon file for the rest of the Bloggs family.

Joe Bloggs is also known as a sort of British John Doe. Remains of the dead in England that have not been identified are listed as Joe Bloggs.

Joe Bloggs is the Everyman of Princeton Review. They use him as an example in their SAT review books.

There are three definite classifications of SAT questions (at least on Princeton Review's diagnostic exams): easy, medium, and hard. Mr. Bloggs, by definition, gets all of the easy questions, none of the hard ones, and exactly half of the medium ones correct.

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