Extremely popular British children's TV show, which ran for many years, from the seventies (?) to the late eighties (?), hosted by the charismatic Jimmy Saville.

The show, shown at prime time viewing slots, was a wish-fulfillment vehicle, where children would write in asking Jim to fix it for them to do something (anything!) they'd always wanted to do. Jim would pick a few winners every week and read out their letters (always beginning with the immortal lines "Dear Jim, Could you fix it for me to...") before wheeling out said kiddie in front of the cameras and running a film of their dream coming true.

Examples of the kind of things he 'fixed' for lucky children were;
Launching new ocean liners, demolishing factory chimney stacks, racing in Formula One cars, singing with The Nolan Sisters, etc.

Lucky winners were awarded the prized Jim'll Fix It Badge, which was the kind of vast golden medallion Run DMC would've cheerfully given up their royalties on Walk This Way for.

However, Sir Jim has a dark side, as your favourite sizzling reptile can now E2xclusively reveal (Warning: features bad language and a fairly shocking revelation..)

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