A rock club in Manchester. It comprises of 3 Music rooms, an anteroom and The Entrance Room.

The atmosphere ranges from goth to skate. That is to say, its either "I want to appear too dead inside to care" to "I'm too cool to care" Although there are plenty of cool goth kiddies wearing all black and pseudo-skaters it is generally populated by nice people who either chat happily to you or ignore you.

The DJ for the main room is called John, and is under the peculiar paradox of loving his job, but hating the music.

Drinks are expensive except on Thursdays when it is pound a pint, but then, Thursday is Student night, so it's unfeasibly busy and cheap.

Also there is the infamous Friday night all-nighter where the club is open until 7am Saturday. If you can last that long you are clearly on drugs, since the bar closes at 2am.

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