The argument basically goes like this:

  1. Jesus was kind, compassionate, and railed against the "the establishment".
  2. Liberals are kind, compassionate, and rail against "the establishment".
  3. Conservatives are mean, cold-hearted, and are "the establishment".
  4. Jesus was a liberal.

Jesus railed against the establishment because in that time, in that place, the establishment was wrong. Just because something is set in place doesn't necessarily mean that it's wrong. Mao Zedung railed against the establishment in China in the 40s...look what happened. Hitler railed against the establishment, we all know how that turned out. Railing against the establishment is not inherently right. Just because liberals rail against the system doesn't mean they're like Jesus.

The idea that liberals are kind and compassionate while conservatives are mean and cold-hearted is also logically flawed. Many liberals are mean and cold-hearted, while many conservatives are kind and compassionate (and, ofcourse, the opposite is true). The idea that liberal Christian ideology is more loving and compassionate because it thinks, for instance, that homosexuality isn't a sin, and conservative Christian ideology is hateful for thinking that it is a sin is just a big, ugly stereotype. (Shameless nodevertizing: Check out Conservative leaders misappropriate Christian values for a more in-depth argument about that concept). Look, we're both advocating what we think is best for our country. There are people on both sides who couldn't care less about people and only care about ideas. If you can't see that, I think you really need to analyze some of your preconcived notions.

Jesus was Jesus; he wasn't a conservative or a liberal. The question is which political philosophy comes closest to advocating the moral system that He does. For many reasons which go beyond the scope of this writeup, I happen to believe that conservatism does. If you think liberalism does, that's fine. I don't think you're not a Christian (I definitely think you're wrong about a lot of things, but I don't think that you're not a Christian). There are liberals who are great Christians, but there are also conservatives who are great Christians. This whole condescending stereotype that conservatives are mean bastards twisting the gospel to defend their anti-Christian ideology is just a crock. Maybe you've only ran into conservatives who were, but if that's the case then you're living a very intellectually sheltered life. This argument is based on unfounded, bitter stereotypes about conservatives, and illogical, glorifing stereotypes about liberals.

At the 2000 Republican National Convention Tony Snow asked Jerry Falwell: "If Jesus were here today, do you think he'd care about all of this?" The evil, mean, horrible conservative facist's answer:

"I doubt it very much."

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