These little dandies are handful of slick fruit filling wrapped in diaper of puffed pastry dough. While still very much a member of the donut family, the Jelly Donut is, in fact, not a breakfast toroid. Due to the endless variations, it's nearly impossible to present a thorough categorization. Rather than constructing a clear and organized Jelly Donut heirarchy, I choose to list memorable and probable Jelly Donuts:

Memorable and Probable Jelly Donuts

Apple Cinnamon with Cinnamon Sugar Dusting
'Every Red Jelly' Jelly Donut
The Rasberry One that's not totally squished
The Cloudy Lemon Jelly Donut that I thought was a Boston Cream Donut
The loney Jelly Donut from Safeway, that had been sitting next to the chocolate glazed donut for some time
That Jelly Donut
The Jelly Donut that lived in my jacket during my second snowboarding adventure.
...presenting the Chinese Sweet and Sour Jelly Donut.
Collagen filled lips as in, Goldie Hawn look like she got a Jelly Donut hanging out of her nose.
Some indie band
This Jelly Donut
A step up from those convenience store fruit pies with the bear playing sports on the package
A step down from a simple old-fashioned donut that speaks plain english that I can understand
A clown you can meet at Camp Winnarainbow
9926 Lakewood Blvd, Downey CA
(From a very preliminary examination of this ex-nodeshell) an unusual and exciting sexual position

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