This was one of the many ska bands to come out of Southern California in the mid 90s... They have been around since at least 1997; unfortunately they recently announced that they are breaking up. They were one of the better indie ska bands of that genre. Their original CD was called 'Feeling Sorry for the Hearts we've Broken' and was a very small-scale, limited release cd. It had some good stuff on it; my favorite was 'I must be Stupid'. Their second album, Nothing To Prove, was even better. My favorites from that CD were 'rolled' and 'nothing to prove'. They later released a joint CD with Slow Gherkin. By this time, their large band was losing members. After this CD, they created a few more songs and came out with a 'best of' album, but not much new stuff came out.

Their sound was much like many of the ska bands of their time, with a bit of self-described 'rockabilly'; a lot less punk influence than most of the ska bands of the time; and even a half-rap song at the end of 'nothing to prove'. Like many ska bands, this band had something like 9 members and was dominated by horns. This was one of the last bands to stay pure ska and stay together; it is too bad that they are breaking up now.

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