Percussionist; appeared on the DCI scene in 1992 on the snare line of the Santa Clara Vanguard

1994 - Section leader for The Blue Knights with an amazing drumline.

DCI Individual & Ensemble Champion several times

Captain of University of North Texas Drumline, World Champions 1994-1996

Ranked #1 worldwide by PAS, 1994-1996

I spent an evening in a Wendy's talking to Jeff Queen in Atlanta, GA at the PAS International Convention where he and I were competing against one another in the World Marching Percussion Championships in November, 1994. We talk about bringing Drum Corps to Broadway and having the full percussion ensemble on stage and what a great idea it would be.

Three months ago,a show called "Blast!" opened on Broadway, with drill, arrangements, selections, and solos that I had been planning and playing for years. If you watch PBS you'll see "Blast!" most any Sunday, with Jeff Queen playing my old snare drum solos in the studio and grinning like an idiot.

I hope you choke, you bastard.

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