Jasper, Oregon


Located along the Jasper-Lowell Highway in scenic Lane County, near the confluence of Fall Creek and the Upper Middle Fork of the Willamette River, Jasper is an unincorporated hamlet consisting of a tiny commercial strip and a smattering of homes which fade back into the woods, fields, and hills which dot the area. The bridge across the Upper Middle Fork, leading directly from the center of town, is very attractive, and the road which continues from it makes a great cycling route, within easy distance of Eugene/Springfield.

The Jasper Market combines country store, post office, video rental and gas station in one building. In days gone by, when old-growth Douglas fir and other top-grade timber filled the Willamette Valley, the Hills Creek Lumber Mill4 called Jasper home - the old mill site is still occupied by a carpentry firm, mentioned below.

Despite its modest size, Jasper is home to some notable institutions, including the Jasper Mountain Center3, which provides a home for abused and neglected children; Cloud Nine Alpacas2, where you can get exotic Suri or Huacaya breeds, or consult for brokering/investment/agistment on your (no doubt sizeable) alpaca herd; and Pacific Rim Manufacturing, which produces fine carpentry items distributed worldwide.

The name of the town likely comes from the semi-precious stone jasper, which is found in the area.


Location: 43°59'48"N 122°54'18"W
Elevation: 540 feet
Population: < 500?

Scanner frequencies of interest1

158.4000 	  	LAO 20325205; LAURELWOOD ACADEMY
159.9300 	  	LAO 20325205; LAURELWOOD ACADEMY
160.0050 	  	LAO 20325205; LAURELWOOD ACADEMY

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