Fuzzy Butts

Well at least the cutest fuzzy butts. Our farm personally is directed to being strictly Huacaya Alpacas over there relatives the Suri Alpaca. These alpacas are also native to Peru - primarly the Andes Mountains region.

These alpacas are fuzzy, they have a crimp to their fleece the more crimp the better and more valuable the alpaca is.

They have a color range of natural colors that consists of approximately 22 shades. The white is typically used for dying to be the unnatural shades of hues of blue, green or red.

The fleece is sheared off once a year when it is approximately 2 inches long. After the shearing process you look like you have mini-giraffes running around your field happy to be in the cool spring breeze. The animals are best to be sheared in the spring before the warmth sets in.

For a photo of the Huacaya alpaca please see Alamosa at: http://www.geocities.com/custersalpacas/alamosa01-modified01.jpg

For more information please see: Alpacas

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