A project led by Chemlab vocalist Jared Louche (AKA Jared Hendrickson), Jared Louche and the Aliens released their first and only album, Covergirl, on Martin Atkins’s Invisible Records in 1999. Following Covergirl was a cover of Johnny Cash’s Delilah is Gone on the Invisible Records Johnny Cash tribute album Cash for Chaos.

All of the tracks on Covergirl are songs Jared holds dear, and none of them are straight-up covers. With In Every Dream Home a Heartache, he's managed to turn the original song into an even creepier, gloomier version, and he puts a raging electronic spin on Iggy Pop's Search and Destroy, rivaling the original in attitude. Jared also keeps his tradition of adding sutures to his albums with a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat, and a pulsing outro suture cover of Air’s Sexy Boy.

Tracks on Covergirl? Here ya go:
1. In Every Dreamhome a Heartache
2. Sister Midnight
3. Sexy Boy
4. Famous Blue Raincoat (suture)
5. Suicide Jag
6. Poptones
7. 7 and 7 is... (suture)
8. Search and Destroy
9. Summer Wind
10. Sexy Boy (outro suture) (listed as track 66 on the back cover)

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