Haloblack is the one-man industrial music project by Bryan Barton (aka Bryan Black), who combines subdued vocals and loops of noise to create danceable, barren, distorted tracks. Haloblack's first release appeared on the now defunct Fifth Column Records label with Tension Filter in 1994. Following up Tension Filter was Funkyhell in 1996, and then the Mp3.com exclusive album Raw Tension. Raw Tension was a compilation of covers, featuring unreleased remixes and other goodies. Of note on Raw Tension was the track Fat09, a low-key, whispery and beat-driven cover of the Fat Albert theme song that originally appeared on the TV theme compilation TV Terror: Felching a Dead Horse. Early 2004, Bryan finally released another Haloblack album on Dark Cell Digital Music: Throb.

Bryan has lent his talents to other projects, most notably the industrial supergroup project Hellbent, and has also remixed several tracks for the lord of lard, Raymond Watts (AKA PIG).

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