ma = a sense of place; often involving considerations of both a time and space; space/time
machiya = urban townhouse; usually made of wood
mae-ishi = a large, broad stone placed just before the chozubachi
masago = sand composed of decomposed granite
megakushi = a blind or scrim; may refer to a screening tree or hedge, but can also be a light weight structure constructed on top of a fence or wall that further screens the garden from outside view
meisho = famous views or places
michiyuki = progression through space and/or time; movement through the layers of a garden
mikiri = the trimming of bushes to frame a view
mine = mountain peak
mitate = reuse of old objects in a new way (example: millstones becoming stepping stones across a pond); seeing anew
miyabi = Heian term meaning "elegant" or "refined"
mon = gates mono-no-aware = a sensitivity to the impermanence of life
muj├┤ = impermanence

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