Quite a day, today. It's hard to describe the way I feel.

Have you ever suddenly come to an understanding with a person? A sense of peace washes over you, and it can drive you to do crazy things.

Like propose.

A new chapter in my life begins today. The old me, the weak, pleasure-driven, self-oriented hollow shell of a man is gone. Through this commitment, I feel brand new.

Now to find a ring - princess cut on white gold....

Maybe I should let my sister pick it out for me.

I don’t like
the all-morning sleeper,
pert parent-defier,
lazy but test-acing
clothes modifier.

But I love
the great all-night writer,
fearless debater,
original thinker.

I love you, Wood Duck, you Talanian Rebel, you jargon-hoarding, amazing-cookie-baking, way-with-words-having, world-making iconoclast. You're a genuine bad-posterior longcoat. I declare “schnidbit,” “fufoo,” “embiggen,” “heathside,” and “draggit” all members of the dictionary and powerful in Scrabble. I sanction irrational numbers on the Kinsey Scale and I acknowledge that blue hair can indeed be natural. You understand me. I don’t know what I did without you as a confidante before we started getting along. I love your goodnesses more than I don’t your faults and I know they're intertwined. I have faith in your future.

I award you: SPINE.

Every filthy sinner with an angel spark on this blue and green earth deserves someone like you in life.

(happy slightly-belated 17th birthday to a special little sister! yay for inside jokes!)

She passed away in January 2015 at 22 years old.

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